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Thanks to changes to cannabis legislation in recent years, the industry is rapidly on the rise, and customers are looking for the best places to purchase their goods. Cannabis companies are beginning to adopt mass-market techniques when it comes to growing their brand presence online. HubSpot marketing is one of the most popular choices. 

If you’re curious to know how cannabis companies are using HubSpot to develop their brand identity, reach the right audiences and support their customers, I’ve got you covered.

4 Ways Cannabis Companies Are Using HubSpot to Grow

1: Creating Personalized HubSpot Marketing For Cannabis Customers

One of the fundamentals of marketing online is creating personalized content for your target audience. Thanks to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, cannabis companies are now weaponizing this as part of their strategy. 

In 2020, annual sales in the Cannabis industry reached $52 billion, so it’s no surprise that businesses are utilizing HubSpot to spur on wider brand growth. Offering both free and premium tools, the Hubspot Marketing Hub allows users to create everything from advanced email campaigns to targeted social media ads. HubSpot is one of the few companies allowing cannabis companies to utilize its platform and email campaign features, making HubSpot a no-brainer for many in the cannabis industry.

Inbound marketing allows users to reach the right people at the right time through personalized and creative content, and HubSpot is the perfect platform to do this.

2: Following Up on Leads Through the HubSpot Sales Hub

A key part of cannabis sales is following up on potential custom - something that’s readily available through the HubSpot Sales Hub. 

When it comes to sales and securing potential prospects, I’m often asked what a CRM tool is, and exactly how it can benefit a business. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it encompasses everything a business can do to ensure successful interactions with potential customers.

HubSpot offers a popular CRM tool which enables its users to track emails and notifications, incorporate automation, chat directly with customers, and so much more. Users can utilize sequences and workflows for superb productivity, making it a straightforward yet effective way to reach the right people. 

The aim is simple: follow up on leads and turn them into paying Cannabis purchasers. 

3: Advancing Customer Experience for Cannabis Customers

Offering an exceptional and personalized customer experience is important for every business, but it’s especially crucial to the cannabis industry. With the market becoming increasingly saturated, providing a focused support experience can add something unique to a business.

I always recommend the HubSpot Customer Service software, which is ideal for creating an open, honest and easy-to-use channel of communication. It’s heavily used by the cannabis industry, and thanks to its plethora of possibilities, it’s making customer experience better than ever before.

4: Utilizing a HubSpot Certified Solutions Partners

By utilizing a HubSpot Certified solutions partner who understands the ins and outs of the platform, Cannabis companies are able to grow their brands more quickly, and with greater focus.

Partners like Modern Rise Media can help you through your HubSpot journey, thanks to their expert knowledge about the cannabis industry and its key players. They help business owners to get the most out of their tools, creating a personalized customer experience, and reaching the most relevant audiences.

These are just some of the ways cannabis companies are using HubSpot to grow their brands. HubSpot is an incredible platform for amplifying brand recognition in the industry, making it ideal for capitalizing on an ever-expanding market. 

For more guidance on how you could take your cannabis company to the next level with HubSpot, get in touch with a HubSpot Marketing expert.


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